Bill of Materials

Below is a table showing all of the parts needed to build the TOP pump as well as links to multiple online retailers where parts can be ordered. As TOP is still in its early stages we are controlling who has access to the TOP module in hopes of better managing expectations and quickly ironing things out so each new person to use TOP can have a more excellent experience than the person before them. As such you will need to request a TOP Module & Accessory Kit, which may take quite some time to arrive.

Item Options Price (USD)
TOP Module & Accessory Kit Request $50.00
Case 3D Model* Shapeways Sculpteo $0.54 – $27.55
Sleeve 3D Model* Shapeways Sculpteo $0.33 – $27.06
Piston 3D Model* Shapeways Sculpteo $0.08 – $6.18
Motor Adafruit Digikey Amazon $3.50 – $8.49
Backup Motor (optional) Adafruit Digikey Amazon $0.00 – $8.49
Batteries (2) Adafruit Digikey Amazon $19.90 – $19.98
Battery Charger Adafruit Digikey Amazon $5.95 – $7.99
Super Glue Gel Walmart Walgreens Amazon $5.22
Total $85.52 – $128.47

* Use these models to 3D print your own parts. Many public libraries or makerspaces allow you to use their 3D printers free of charge.

Detailed Instructions

Once you have all of the parts listed above, this video will walk you through each step of building TOP. It covers most of the "gotcha's" that you may run into and gives some helpful tips that will make the whole build process quick and painless.

Click on any of the instructions below to quickly jump to that point in the video.